Ice Indigo

Ice Indigo Arctic Insulation is a unique thermos suit. Probably, the warmest in the world. It allows you to feel comfortable in the most harsh cold climate conditions on Earth.

Ice Indigo is a combination of a modern design and innovative Russian developments.

Ice Indigo was developed by the Scientific and Research Centre «Extreme». The Centre specializes in the modern researchers, military, rescue teams, athletes clothing and gear development.

The Centre’s developments comply with the highest safety and fail-safe requirements imposed by the experts to provide safety in the harsh extreme climate conditions.

The materials and clothing made in the Centre comply with technical requirement for use in the Arctic, the Antarctic, and the space.

Human physiology testing and adopting modern Russian developments allowed Russian scientists and researchers from the Centre “Extreme” to create the warmest and multi-functional suit. It protects you from the harshest Arctic cold: Ice Indigo.

The suit is designed as a coverall, and functions as a thermos preserving the warmth of the human body. The cryochamber test has shown that people feel comfortable wearing the suit even at −110 ºС. Such temperature you can’t find on Earth. Also, you cannot drown in this suit.

Ice Indigo suit provides the lowest heat loss by effectively removing the moisture from the skin. Multilayer thermo heat insulation sack is made with high-tech synthetic fabrics based on heat-bonded twisted polyester fiber with higly meshed structure (proprietary technology INDIGO).

Ice Indigo clothing is used by experts-explorers of the Northern regions, the Arctic, the mountain tops of Eurasia and the Himalayas, the unique Vostok lake in the Antarctica, those who do on round-the-world expeditions (Fedor Konykhov), and many others.

Today, Ice Indigo is the undoubted optimal insulation device for all those who truly know the cold reality of the Russian winter, but is willing to stay in the wild no matter the weather, and prefers to breathe fresh air in warm and comfort.

The highlight of Indigo collection is the unique suit – Thermos, which allows humans to survive under the harshest and the most extreme weather conditions. Now modern explorers following the steps of Jacques Yves Cousteau and Fedor Konykhov make their own discoveries in comfort conditions.

No more inaccessible places on The Earth

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