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In three years we have managed to master a unique technology for the Russian market: functional thermal underwear production technology. Such thermal underwear has the same qualities as the world’s leading brand’s products.

Our experts were aiming at achieving the main goal during the tests of various thermal underwear models. The goal was to design anatomically adapting underwear that could act like a person’s second skin and protect them from overheating, hypothermia, direct physical impact, and keep muscles mobilized. The underwear shouldn’t chafe the skin or hinder one’s movements, and it should be easy to clean.

Symbion thermal underwear line with 3D knitting technology was designed as a result of a series of investigations. Thanks to this technology, air canals are formed between the person’s body and the thermal underwear layer. These canals provide natural ventilation, which makes skin dry fast after diverting the major part of the moisture away from the body. The sweat is transported to the exterior thermal underwear layer due to the difference in pressure of the both layers’ loop structure, and using special yarn.

Symbion «Medium»

This product helps preserve comfortable body temperature at -15 to +15 C.

It is the most versatile solution in terms of thermal underwear. It’s main goal is to protect and support the body during continuous physical activity.

For Symbion Medium thermal underwear we use a combination of multifilament yarn, that protects the most vulnerable body parts, and enables their recovery.

Thermal underwear is made from wear-resistant, soft, solid, hypo allergic, easy-to-clean material, that also possesses damping and compression qualities.

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