TEXTIME company group transferred textile production high technologies into Russia by opening innovative production Adventum Technologies.

The enterprise offers the outdoor and outerwear markets the following materials:

bonded materials,
calendared fabric,
coated materials,
membrane fabrics,
waterproof fabrics and materials.

These processes require state-of the-art equipment and technology, and only the biggest global companies and chemical conglomerates can boast of owning them. Due to the Joint Venture format, Adventum Technologies has acquired the necessary high technology from its European partners Carrington Career&Workwear (UK) и Concordia Textiles (Belgium). They have also provided Adventum with a license for production on the territory of Russia and CIS countries.

The wide range of “smart” materials is now available to any outdoor and city clothing, footwear, and gear producer. The enterprise takes a personal approach to each customer’s demands.

It functions as a constructor where in the final product we can combine any color and texture of a fabric with any membrane and coating. You can add a third, a fourth, and even half a layer to this initial “sandwich”. The multi-layer sandwich is forms from any “blocks” of the constructor: the base, the membrane, the coating, the net lining, fleece, protective print.

Textime experts always provide the clients with detailed consult based on their demands.

The product can be manufactured both according to the given sample, or by the stated parameters. Adventum Technologies has a modern laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that checks a wide spectrum of indicators according to Russian and international standards.

We have taken into account the lack of equipment in Russian testing labs, and made it possible to test necessary indicators such as 30,000 mm water resistance and ATSM E96 and JIS L vapor permeability.

We have fabrics and materials for any kind of outdoor sports: winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling), all-season hiking, water tourism, trekking, trail running, etc. Textime offers fabrics for clothing, footwear, as well as materials for equipment, gear (tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, inflatable boats, dry bags).

The company can offer various water- and wind-resistant materials for the outerwear city collections. Such fabrics are always in demand for spring-autumn and winter clothing all around Russia.


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