It is hard to imagine a world without gadgets, the Internet, and IT. Every day scientists make the most mind-blowing discoveries in their attempts to improve our lives.

Is it possible to design functional clothing for athletes that would be as innovative as a self-driving car, or a phone with Face-ID? Today it is possible thanks to the research done by V-MOTION engineers.

Each sport has its unique qualities. For V-MOTION engineers, athletes’ physiological characteristics, and muscle constitution serve as basis for designing sports clothing together with the latest materials. All this is used to produce functional technological clothing, that provides maximum comfort, and freedom of movement. For example, V-MOTION thermal underwear for alpine skiers, and snowboarders has special insets, that provide body thermal regulation.

We develop innovations together with professional athletes. Among our partners are football teams, snowboarders, alpine skiing clubs, etc.


Constant improvement. Just like any other professional athlete, V-MOTION is constantly growing, improving its products and brand. This is why we are the TOP Russian functional clothing producer.


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