Kanat, JSC

JSC «Kanat» (Kolomna) it is more than two centuries of experience in cable production, advanced equipment, qualified staff and innovative technologies.

A wide range of products to satisfy the most exacting taste: ropes, ropes, cords, strings, Delhi and other products made of polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, Polistena, polyethylene, cotton, para-aramid yarn, basalt. The product range includes more than 1000 titles.

Qualified experts will help you make a choice in a wide range of our products and are always ready to meet in the manufacture of non-standard product range.

Production of «Rope» is produced under the supervision of the Russian Maritime and River Register of Shipping and the Ministry of Emergency Situations has certificates of rescue funds.


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Company MARHATTER is a Russian manufacturer of knitted headwear and accessories, operating in the market for over 25 years.

The company’s products – it’s caps, berets, scarves, suits and accessories of high quality at affordable prices for adults and children.


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Expeditions to the very edge of the world and hikes of the day off, big opening and the simple pleasures of the suburbs are particularly good, to be ready for them.
No trifle, every detail matters. Hats and gloves, clothing, underwear, socks and shoes, without exception. We, fortunately, know this firsthand. Personal experience + design + design = secret weapon naturalist on all the poles of the planet Earth.
And that works on the edge of the earth, works almost everywhere. And smoothly and stylishly.
Since 1896 in Sweden and 1998 in Russia.

Setila LLC.
Helping to make friends with nature


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The company «SIMLES»  ̶  is a Russian manufacturer of seamless, functional knitted fabrics.

The company introduced the most advanced equipment, which allows the product for a full technology cycle: from knitting to dyeing and finishing.

The company launched a line of sports thermal underwear under the brand «SIBERICA» in 2016.

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The products are manufactured under the registered trade mark SPINE. The main products for the winter: ski boots, ski poles, bindings. The company is continuously working to improve the manufactured goods. Consultations with the athletes and coaches. Products are tested in sports schools, competitions in different climatic conditions. All this allows the company to make its products more user-friendly, high-quality and affordable.


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Textime – Adventum Technologies

Manufacturing and trading textile TEXTIME group (founded in 2003), which includes a manufacturing company “Adventum Technologies”, produces and distributes multi-layer tissue (2L, 2,5L, 3L, 4L) with lamination and coatings with high heat-shielding properties, laminated micro fleece, fleece, jersey, mesh; of ultra (30 g / m2) and elastic stretch fabrics with (2-way, four-way); high tissues using PE filaments (Oxford), PA 6.6 (Cordura), etc .; tissue in combination with multispectral camouflage (visual, IR); fabrics and materials for footwear, equipment (backpacks, tents, etc.), industrial products (tents, etc.); fabrics and materials for special protective clothing, flame and heat resistant aramid fabric, including coated and laminated.


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Baltex is a leading Russian producer of polyamide and mixed fabrics, founded in 1968, has a modern high-tech production facilities and highly qualified staff. With its unique technology, the fabric has a number of exceptional properties: abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and resistance to various weather conditions. Baltex has been active in the development of textile materials, creating functional fabrics for the production of demi-season, sportswear and equipment, shoes, uniform uniforms and workwear. It is important to note that the development of the company are based on environmentally friendly production methods and are reliable materials for textile solutions.


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GRAND  is the leading Russian manufacturer of hosiery. The factory, whose history began in 2011, is located in the Moscow region Shchelkovo district. The company installed the latest equipment from leading manufacturers.

Technical equipment allows to monthly produce more than 2 million pairs of socks perfect quality.


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Yaroslavl Knitting Factory was founded in 1927. Since 2005, it is one of the leading Russian factories full cycle for the production of panels and thermal underwear for famous brands of different functional orientation. The number of factory employees 350 people. Capacities allow to produce up to 1 million products annually.


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The company implements SportTex fabric wholesale from producers in Moscow Korea and China. Fabrics supplied from the manufacturer directly, are of high quality, rich assortment, low prices. In addition, our company provides a decent level of service and flexible system of discounts if you buy fabric wholesale.

Well organized system of wholesale fabric supply and related materials allows us to regularly update the range and offer our customers only the trend colors, as well as with the best characteristics of the tissue.


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Parizhskaya Kommuna

Ltd. Vyshnevolotsky knitting factory “Paris Commune” is one of the oldest companies of knitted industry. The factory was founded in 1858. Ermakov merchant. On May 18, 1925 The factory gets its historical name, which has survived to the present time – the “Paris Commune”. In 1952 naalos new revival of the company. The factory has been completely remodeled, and specializes in the production of commercial fabric of synthetic and cotton yarn since 1953.

The plant has always been a leading manufacturer of warp knitted fabrics of synthetic fibers. A range of diverse fabrics (more than 100 items of knitted fabrics of different weaves), and for some species and unique.


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Montero is a reliable and high quality underwear, which is great for all kinds of outdoor activities. Ideal combined with both natural and modern technological materials, which are used in outerwear.

Its continued Montero outdoor gained in the co-brand Dr.Wool. Thermal underwear made from 100% merino wool Australian women and children from the first days of life. A gentle, comfortable and functional underwear for every day.


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O3 Ozone

O3 Ozone – Russian manufacturer of high-tech clothing for extreme sports and outdoor activities.
The company was founded in 1997.
Our main goal is to create high-quality products that meet all the specific requirements of athletes, which combines modern design, eco-friendliness and the best quality of fabrics and innovative manufacturing technology.
clothing design stage is carried out by qualified personnel, in collaboration with professional athletes, test clothes in vivo. Our unique thermal underwear, insulated and moisture-top windproof clothing, used in long-term presence in the most difficult weather conditions and at high physical exertion.

O3 Ozone – outfitting for the great achievements!


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People who live on the banks of the Kama river and in the very heart of Perm region, like travelling and nature, finding in it their source of inspiration! This is the place where the company has been producing TREK boots since 2008. Enjoy travels and outdoor activity, enjoy your life, and enjoy your every day.


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STAYER is a modern and dynamic sportswear brand of hi-tech and multifunctional apparel for winter and summer sports. The company uses innovative technologies and modern membrane materials for people who love being outdoors at winter time, who have fun doing sports, reaching their goals and discovering new things.


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Since 2003 FORWARD is the official supplier of equipment for the national teams of Russia. Currently FORWARD equips more than 200 teams in 60 sports.

Since 2007, the company entered the market with a unique offer – free sales in the retail trade of equipment of Russian national teams. By 2016, the company opened in Russia for more than 65 franchise stores.


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The company was founded in 1992. One of the most experienced companies in the domestic outdoor travel and leisure market, well-known in Russia and abroad. Produces clothing and equipment for active leisure and tourism.


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BTC Group

BTX Group Companies is the largest in Russia holding light industry, including enterprises for the production of yarn, fabric, knitted fabric, shoes and clothing.

Division of Engineering and its own laboratory, enable us to offer customers innovative solutions in terms of functional fabrics, designs, technology and fashion design.

Annually holding companies produce more than 25 million meters of fabric and knitted fabrics, 17 million units of knitwear, 5 million pieces of garments, 1 million pairs of shoes.

Geography has 13 holding companies situated in Russia and Belarus.


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Faradei, CJSC

The company was founded in 1997. It is known in the outdoor market for its high-quality all-weather footwear for sports, hiking, and active leisure.

FARADEI is the only Russian company using a number of unique materials and technologies, for example GORE-TEX membrane. Special boots were successfully tested during the high-latitude Arctic expedition on North Pole-40, a drifting Roshydromet’s research station.



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«3R» Company more than 20 years manufacturing zippers for various industries: sports and leisure, for professional clothing for the army and the security forces, for casual wear, children’s clothing, furniture, hunting and fishing. On own capacities 3R produces nylon zippers, plastic and metal zippers Water Proof and repellent zippers with reflective elements.



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EMDI – clothes for sports, beach and outdoor activities.

“Iceberg” company was established in 1991 and is engaged in the production of swimsuits, swimming trunks, clothes for various sports for over 20 years, yoga, fitness and dance. “Iceberg” The company has its own production in St. Petersburg, which today has a capacity of up to 15,000 pieces. knitted garments per month.


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KARO, Verona, LLC

The company was established in 1997. Its products for the outdoor segment include sportswear, active leisure professional equipment, and membrane fabrics. Its experts, working in the own digital printing unit, develop exclusive prints, some of which were used by Vyacheslav Zaitsev, a famous Russian fashion designer, in his seasonal collections.




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Ves Mir, non-woven fabric factory

The company was founded in 2000 to manufacture fillers for winter sports and hiking clothing. Ves Mir was the first Russian company to develop microfiber insulation.


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Since 1990, VENTO has manufactured high-reliability protective equipment endorsed by tests of the Research Institute of Sports and Technical Products (VISTI) and the Research Institute of Parachute Design.

The company is an official technical partner of the Russian Mountaineering Federation.




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HISPO Company (LLC “Hayspo Generation”), founded in Russia in 2012 – is the youngest and most ambitious project in the Russian market of goods for outdoor activities. We are not climbers and explorers, but soon as the OUTDOOR 20 years for us – a way of life, work and hobbies at the same time. With years of experience in the creation, production, sales, and most importantly, personal use clothing and equipment in the campaigns and daily life, we do aim to manufacture high-end and functional clothing for our family spaces and climates.

We offer clothing for outdoor activities under its own brand, as well as production facilities for clothing and equipment to order.


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Red Fox

The company emerged in 1989. Today this brand is one of the most popular among professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts in Russia. Red Fox is the only Gore-Tex’ partner in sportswear production in Russia. The brand stores are located in three parts of the world – Europe, Asia, and America.




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DRAGONFLY is a Russian brand, specializing in the production of technologically advanced clothing for active and extreme rest. The company is focusing on three areas – a motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile, posing for the fans of the equipment functional, beautiful, and most importantly, quality stuff.



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