BASK Company, founded in 1992 by brothers Sergey and Vladimir Bogdanov, will be 25 in 2017. BASK Company is a Russian manufacturer of apparel and equipment for travelling, mountaineering, extreme sports, polar expeditions, etc. The bulk of our collection is made up by clothes and accessories for life and work at extremely low temperatures. We produce high-technological products that provide optimal protection from cold in any climatic conditions. BASK Company warm clothing line is extensive, ranging from apparel suited for extremely low temperatures to warm clothes for urban dwellers. BASK Company has immense experience in working with various heat retainers. We mainly use such natural hear retainers as top quality goose down and exclusive eider down. As their synthetic counterparts, BASK Company uses heat retainers produced by Russian company Shelter.

BASK Company clothes have successfully passed tests and continue to be actively tested in a number of expeditions to the North and South Arctic poles as well as to the highest mountains.

BASK Company also provides a great choice of membrane-based storm suits, SoftShell clothes, thermal underwear, Polartec® clothes, accessories, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and many other products.

In 2017, we will test our apparel suited for temperatures below -80°C.

BASK Company is the only manufacturer of sleeping bags with thermal regime of -60°C extreme that has been officially acknowledged. In 2017, we are going to launch a new sleeping bag suited for temperatures below -80°C.

BASK Company apparel is chosen by people living in the coldest areas.

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