Founded in 1997. The company uses Italian fabrics to produce high quality clothing for the professional and mass sports, sports casual spheres.

We have own production base with multistage integration:
– basic fabrics production under own brand “Karo”in Italy;
– membrane fabrics production under own brand “Kapsula” in Russia and Italy;
– quilted multilayer fabrics production;
– digital sublimation printing on fabrics in a roll and cut fabrics;
– digital design;
– template design;
– clothing collections design;
– consulting on fabrics and clothing production technologies;

The company does research of various membranes and coatings that confer fabrics with various specific qualities depending on their sphere of use and purpose.

In 2017, Verona has equipped:
– 5 Russian select teams
– several Sports Federations
– more than 14 sports schools
– about 25 sports clubs and fitness centers
– more than 180 custom orders


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