MARHATTER company is one of the largest Russian knit headwear and accessories producers. We have been dealing in this market for more than 25 years.

Our product range includes hats, berets, scarves, helmets, ushanka hats, plaids for adults and children.

We strive to provide our customers with high quality practical and fashionable accessories, that will keep them warm in cold weather, highlight their look, and put them in a better mood.

The company uses modern business-processes that allow it to solve effectively the whole complex of tasks from developing an idea to delivering finished products to the clients. One of the most important advantages is the production technological processes.

Twice a year the fabric releases knit headwear and accessories season collections under own MARHATTER, SNEZHNA, ELFRIO brands. Aside from season collections, we design and produce custom models.

Our company’s wide range of products is based on the yarn, form, interweaving, and fittings diversity. The models are made in the most popular styles: Classic, Casual, Urban, Glamour, and Sport.

Our headwear excels in perfect fit and unique design. Our technologies are time-tested. All our products comply with Russian and international standards.

At the exposition the company presents products of its own brands. MARHATTER collection is youthful, dynamic, and excels in the variety of style, form, yarn, and fittings. ELFRIO models provide reasonable prices, bright colors, and simple forms. Each SNEZHNA headwear model is elegant and feminine. Aside from this, the company introduces new sports brand COOLPA models.

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