Red Fox

From its inception in 1989, Red Fox enjoyed market popularity and respect because it was established by mountaineers who instinctively understood the needs of Russia’s outdoor enthusiasts. At the time they built what couldn’t be found.

Since then the Red Fox team has been building outdoor equipment for more than 25 years for a market that demands the highest standards of quality in production.

Today Red Fox is a leading manufacturer of outdoor apparel and equipment for the worldwide market of extreme sports enthusiasts. We use cutting edge technologies to deliver uncompromising comfort and functionality.

Red Fox is constantly expanding its presence, in our Russian homeland and abroad. There are about 30 Red Fox outlets in Russia today.

At the international level Red Fox stores are presently in three of the world’s most beautiful places. Our store in Pontresina, Switzerland is situated in the picturesque Swiss Alps. Another is at the base of the great Himalaya in Kathmandu, Nepal. The latest addition is in Boulder, Colorado, close to scenic Rocky Mountain National Park in the United States.

The range of Red Fox products only expands with time. New projects are continually being implemented that adhere to the principles we value most: Nature, Adventure, and Technology. To that end our purpose remains the same; to create a comfortable environment using the best technology available to experience a life of adventure in nature, regardless of the conditions.

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