For more than 20 years 3R Company has been producing zippers for various spheres of industry: sports and outdoor activities, professional clothing, army and law enforcement agencies, casual clothing, children’s clothing, furniture, hunting and fishing. 3R produces nylon (Ny# 3,5,7), plastic (Pl#3,5,8), metal (Me# 5,7,10), Water Proof, High-Visibility, fire proof, and heat-resistant zippers, using its own production capacities.

Within the last 2 years, the company has developed and introduced into industrial production new innovative products. These products are made using only Russian raw materials and include fire proof STOP FIRE zippers, and screen STOP WAVE zippers, as well as zippers for fashionable clothes with lurex.

We are the only Russian sewing accessories company that supplies such products. 3R has the widest product range and advanced equipment in the Russian zipper market.

• Company founded in 1999
• TOP-3 largest Russian zipper producers
• 300 employees in 5 cities of Russia
• Production capacities – 1.500 m2
• More than 100.000 clients all over Russia
• Color card – 600 colors
• 3 and more new items introduced each year
• More than 1.000.000 zippers produced each month
• The only fastex producer in Russia

We strive to become an acknowledged leader and a favorable partner by helping our clients achieve success in the world of comfort, fashion, and quality. We have modern equipment, unique technologies, and highly qualified staff, that know everything there is to know about zipper production from raw materials to finished product.


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