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SportTex was founded in 1996. It’s the only supplier on the Russian market who offers the overall solution for sports and outdoor manufacturers. The company delivers fabrics, accessories, adhesive tapes and films. SportTex has also the various modern equipment such as PVC sealing machines, ultrasonic machines, seamless bonding machines, noiseless air plums and etc.

In 2011, the company has opened an office in St-Petersburg.

In 2016, SportTex began assembling and producing its own equipment for sewing manufacturers at factories in Russia. The company plans to expand the production with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Also, SportTex selects necessary fabrics, coatings, adhesive tapes (and other consumables), and equipment combinations in accordance with customer’s demands. After the purchase, the company provides the full set up, repair, and maintenance services, as well as specialist’s training and consulting.

SportTex is constantly cooperating with the majority of fast-growing companies that already have or plan to set up production in Russia. The collaboration is aimed to introduction the companies to the modern hot adhesive and seamless technologies.

«We train everyone from tailor to minister how to use technologies».

In 2017, SportTex has opened its own Demonstration and Technology Center for consultation on equipment and training on seamless technologies. Here different actual fabrics, insulation, and fittings specialists and suppliers deliver lecturers. At the All-Russia Forum of Light Industry SportTex’s booth the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation has tried himself Russia-produced seamless bonding machines.

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