Textime – Adventum Technologies

Manufacturing and trading textile TEXTIME group (founded in 2003), which includes a manufacturing company “Adventum Technologies”, produces and distributes multi-layer tissue (2L, 2,5L, 3L, 4L) with lamination and coatings with high heat-shielding properties, laminated micro fleece, fleece, jersey, mesh; of ultra (30 g / m2) and elastic stretch fabrics with (2-way, four-way); high tissues using PE filaments (Oxford), PA 6.6 (Cordura), etc .; tissue in combination with multispectral camouflage (visual, IR); fabrics and materials for footwear, equipment (backpacks, tents, etc.), industrial products (tents, etc.); fabrics and materials for special protective clothing, flame and heat resistant aramid fabric, including coated and laminated.


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