VENTO was founded in 1990 and is one of the pioneer companies in Russia for the production and distribution of outdoor equipment. Over the past 25 years VENTO became a leader in the manufacture of PPE for work at height, climbing and high-altitude operations.

Their design team creates prototypes, does careful pre-production testing of mountaineering, climbing and caving gear, work at height, fire and rescue equipment. The company’s workshop equipped WITH MOST MODERN MACHINERY can quickly implement the most successful innovations of the design team.

We develop and produce hundreds of textile PPE designed to help people work in altitude with maximum safety. VENTO also manufactures anchoring and belaying devices, carabiners, pulleys etc. As of 2014 VENTO has hundreds products.

Control system create equipment that meets all safety and efficiency requirements. Products VENTO are confirmed by Russian certificates of safety, as well as CE and UIAA.

We are proud of what has been done over the years. Our products save the lives of people throughout Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union.

In association with the Russian Mountaineering Federation VENTO endorses projects supporting the mass mountaineering: «Available Mountains» and «Russian Open Rocks» – infrastructure development projects.

VENTO supports programs to train instructors of mountaineering and mountain rescue. Provides grants for the promotion of mountaineering in remote regions of the country.
VENTO’s mission – to ensure the safety of the person while in the height.

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