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Nonwoven Fabrics Factory Wes Mir is a Russian enterprise that was founded 17 years ago in Podolsk, Moscow Region. It is a leading manufacturer of high-performance thermal insulation materials for clothing, footwear, and accessories in Russia and CIS countries. The products offered by Wes Mir are used as thermal insulation for fashion, sportswear, kids and work protective clothing, footwear, and accessories designed for use in low temperatures. Wes Mir company constantly develops its manufacturing capacities and product range, creates new technological process solutions and works out new and more efficient technologically advanced products. Shelter® trademark comprises all these products and is widely recognized in Russia.

Shelter® Thermal Insulation provides you with exceptional, lightweight warmth. The lightness makes both apparel and accessories \ more comfortable to wear in the most extreme conditions of cold and humidity. The unique technology used in Shelter® products manufacturing corresponds to the highest product quality standards and combines all the advantages of natural down, keeping you warm even when wet. Shelter® Thermal Insulation was designed to provide maximum comfort to consumer, and enhance exceptional warmth for all types of outdoor activities.

Shelter® products consist of ultrathin microfibers connected by heat bonding. The nonwoven fabric microfiber structure enables the Shelter® Thermal Insulation materialsэ key performance properties.

Would you like to go outside in any weather and still stay warm and enjoy your pastime? Shelter® Thermal Insulation is a great alternative to the natural down padding, high tech solution for advanced sports apparel and accessories.

Shelter® proved its high performance features in the North Pole expeditions and severe weather conditions of Russian North and Siberia regions.

Shelter® Thermal Insulation is easy to unroll, cut, and sew. It can be quilted or laminated, depending on the use and product type. Wes Mir company’s technical experts provide full technical support in consulting customers at their request.

Wes Mir company is an expert in unique nonwoven thermal insulation materials manufacturing in Russia. Our R&D department conducts research in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign universities and scientific laboratories, creating innovative highly effective thermal insulation materials. These materials’ technical properties are verified by certificates of the leading Russian laboratories and Diplomas of Textile Trade shows

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