Ves Mir, non-woven fabric factory

The company was founded in 2000 to manufacture fillers for winter sports and hiking clothing. Ves Mir was the first Russian company to develop microfiber insulation.

Nonwoven Fabrics Factory Ves’ Mir is Russian enterprise that has been established 16 years ago in Podolsk, Moscow Region. It is one of leading manufacturers of high-performance thermal insulation materials for clothing, boots and accessories in Russia and CIS. The products offered by Ves’ Mir are used as thermal insulation for fashion, sportswear, kids and occupational protective clothing, boots and accessories designed for all types of low temperature garment applications. Ves’ Mir company constantly develop its manufacturing capacities and product range, creating new process design solutions and working out new and more efficient technologically advanced products. You get all of this under the Shelter® trademark, which has high brand recognition in Russia.

You can get exceptional, lightweight warmth in a high-loft Shelter® Thermal Insulation. Yet being light weight makes it more comfortable for both apparel and accessories for the most extreme conditions of cold and humidity. The unique technology used in manufacturing of Shelter® products corresponds to the highest product quality standards and combines all the advantages of natural down, keeping you warm even when wet. Shelter® Thermal Insulation has been designed to provide maximum comfort to consumer, enhancing exceptional warmth and comfort for all types of outdoor activities.

The structure of Shelter® products consists of ultrathin microfibers connected by way of heat bonding. The microfiber structure of the nonwoven fabric enables the key performance properties of Shelter® Thermal Insulation materials.

Would you like to go outside no matter what the weather is, even when it is really damp outside, and still stay warm and enjoy? Shelter® Thermal Insulation is a great alternative to the natural down padding, high tech solution for advanced sports apparel and accessories.

Shelter Micro™ material was created of ultrathin microfibers, it represents a unique technology in the Russian non-woven synthetic thermal insulation market. It  has a micro-cellular structure, which blocks body radiant heat loss retaining a greater volume of air inside insulation structure. The microfiber structure of Shelter Micro™ Thermal Insulation has light weight as opposed to regular synthetics, the product is thin and light which makes it highly ergonomic effective.

Another high tech product offered by our company is Shelter Loft™ Thermal Insualtion. It is well known for its high thermal resistance indicators under the conditions of high humidity. Shelter Loft™ is a leader in the range of other high tech thermal insulation products, as it can resist moisture even at extremely high humidity conditions, but at the same time remaining warm and light as high loft natural down. Shelter Loft™ proved its high performance features in North Pole expeditions and severe weather conditions of Russian North and Siberia’ regions.

Shelter® Thermal Insulation is easy to unroll, cut and sew. It can be quilted or laminated, depending on the application and product type. Technical experts of Ves’ Mir company provide full technical support consulting customers by their requests.

Ves’ Mir company is an expert in manufacturing of unique non woven thermal insulation materials in Russia. Our R&D department conducts research work in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign universities and scientific laboratories, creating innovative high performing thermal insulation materials, which technical properties are verified by certificates of leading Russian laboratories and Diplomas of Textile Trade shows.

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