New technologies of the Russian light industry are successfully introduced onto the European market

Within the framework of the Russian Outdoor Village collaborative exposition at ISPO Munich-2018, Russian companies’ representatives has demonstrated high-tech solutions in product manufacture.

MOSCOW, January 29, 2018 – The idea of creating the Russian Outdoor Village collaborative booth under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has proven its demand among the industry’s companies. This year the Russian Export Center has joined the initiative. For the very first time Russia has the total area of 460 square meters at ISPO Munich.

Russia is represented by 36 companies, and the exposition includes two booths (segment A1, 424-425, and segment A6, 140). The participants has brought clothing, footwear, headwear, insulant, and gear samples.

The members of the Russian delegation headed by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Evtukhov, took part in the exposition’s grand opening. Russian representatives have held business meeting, negotiations, and have also participated in the panel discussion “Russia’s exit into the European market: first steps, problems, and solutions”. The specialists from Intertek Holding Deutschland International Institute, the German branch of Mezhtransavto International Forwarding Company, the Trade Representation of Russia in Germany, and other key figures of the industry were invited to the panel discussion.

“Within the last few year we have achieved success in developing several spheres of the light industry, incuding geotextiles, high-tech synthetics, non-woven materials. The interest towards Russian products is growing in the domestic market, and the outdoor segment is not an exception. We have set a goal to double the share of Russian light industry products’ export potential by 2025. That’s why at the moment we need to outline our actions for searching the optimal marketing solutions. It won’t be easy. At the moment no one is particularly waiting for Russian clothing and footwear in European trade networks. We need to find a way to connect with the leading retailers, and initiate complicated competition with large and experienced players. Today in the course of the panel discussion, the experts have determined several problems, and pointed towards the first steps to their solutions,” notes Viktor Evtukhov.

The special role of supporting the exporters will be given to the Trade Representation of Russia in Germany and the Russian Export Center.

Alexey Tyupanov, the REC’s Chief Executive Officer, has noted that among other effective projects, great attention will be payed to exhibitions in 2018. This form of product demonstration allows to find potential distribution channels, sign major contracts, and find stable business relations on-spot.

“The companies of the Russian light industry are growing their export potential due to the increase in the goods’ quality, product diversifications, and several other factors. Total export volume in this segment for 11 month of 2017 made up USD 1,213 billion. It exceeds the numbers of 2016 by 17,5%. The state support plays significant role in this matter,” says Alexey Tyupanov.

Russian collaborative exposition has gnerated wide interest on behalf of exhibition’s participant and visitors. ISPO Munich-2018 will close on January 31.

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