Russian Outdoor expands exposition at ISPO Munich

For the very first time, the Russian sporting and outdoor goods producers will have the area of 450 square meters at the most prestigious sporting technologies and innovations exhibition.

The Bavarian capital is getting ready to welcome tens of thousands of outdoor industry specialists from all around the world ISPO Munich-2018. The Russian companies will receive the opportunity to demonstrate themselves. For the very first time the Russian Outdoor Village collaborative exposition (segment A1, 424-425 and segment A6, 140) will have the total area of 450 square meters, which is almost twice the size of previous booths. It has become possible thanks to the foreign partners’ growing interest in the Russian tourism and sports equipment producers’ developments.

ISPO Munich-2018 participants that will visit the Russian Outdoor Village will be able to try on the world’s warmest clothing set or, for example, ultralight skeleton ski boots. The Russian companies’ representatives are expecting great interest on behalf of their new partners.

“Russian light industry has firmly embarked on the path of development, modernization, and innovations application. Recent public opinion polls show that more than 70% of citizens want to purchase Russia-made clothing. It is a truly high number. Some positive tendencies are forming in export as well. In 2017 the light industry export volume has increased by more than 15% in comparison to 2016. In order to support this dynamic, we need to solve several important strategic tasks concerning cooperation with our foreign colleagues. We are certain this exhibition will become a strong impetus to Russia’s leading equipment and gear producers in the promotion on their products onto the foreign markets,” notes Viktor Evtukhov, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

This year, the Russian participants have even more substantial support. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is successfully representing the interests of our companies for the 4th time. This year, it is joined by the Russian Export Center. Its management is certain that professional events of such a high level help to not only analyze the market deeper, improve the quality of products, but also lower trade barriers.

“Russian outdoor equipment producers has proved that they can manufacture competitive products. However, they need help in promoting their trademarks, and we should actively support them. During the 9 months of 2017, supported export volume made up USD 8,8 billion. Today, we are posing more ambitious tasks. We are planning to support Russian non-primary export for USD 27 billion. We are pleased with our closely and highly effectively collaborating with China. However, now we will have to put maximum effort in order to expand our cooperation with West European companies. The Munich exhibition is a great opportunity to show our best samples and technologies, and sign promising contracts,” says Petr Fradkov, Head of the Russian Export Center Group.

Russian Outdoor Village business program includes a round table with outdoor industry specialists that will discuss Russia’s entrance into the European market – first steps, problems, and solutions (January 29, 13:00, segment А5, conference room А52).

Russian Outdoor Group ( is a non-profit association of outdoor goods and services distributors. It is the official partner of Russian ISPO Munich 2018 participants.

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